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Picnic at Te Awa Awa Rata Reserve

Parishioners enjoyed a picnic at Te Awa Awa with rhododendrons blooming, before the wind came up.
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Nativity Celebration

Hakatere Presbyterian Parish welcomed approximately 300 junior children, teachers and parents from Hampstead and Tinwald schools.  A nativity play was performed by members of the parish.  The children from each school sang songs and enjoyed a candy cane and Christmas shortbread. 
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Service at Wakanui     Sunday 8th November 2020 

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Women's Fellowship 80th Anniversary

 80 years of service by women who belonged to the Presbyterian Church in Tinwald has been       celebrated.  The first ladies' guild at the then  Ashburton South Presbyterian Church was formed in   October in 1940 by the late Mrs Eileen Dalton and the late Mrs Elsie Lowery.
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 Christmas Cake Stirring

 Hakatere Presbyterian Parish stirred it's Christmas cake during Sunday worship (22nd November).  Everyone present was involved.  The cake has been cooked and will be shared on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Remembrance Service December 2020

Our Remembrance Service was an occasion for a simple expression of grief and hope as we placed flowers into an oasis cross and then enjoyed their beauty.


One of our readings was a hymn of faith by Shirley Murray found in Faith Forever Singing NZ Hymns and Songs for a New Day published by the NZ Hymn Book Trust.
 Verse 2 of this hymn is: And Jesus said: don’t be afraid – I know your emptiness and grief, I hear your words of unbelief, but if you will, I’ll heal your soul and give your doubting heart relief.
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