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A New Beginning

A new beginning - together with thanksgiving for the faith and work of the past - was marked on Sunday, February 10, at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre when an historic step was taken in the parishes of St James’ and St Paul’s Presbyterian Parishes. 
On that day the two parishes were dis-established and a new, single parish has now been formed. The celebratory service was led by the moderator of the Alpine Presbytery, Rev Anne Stewart. Also taking part were the interim moderator of the parish, Rev Brent Richardson and the parish clerks, Almond Royds and John Tyrrell. The sermon was preached by Rev Arii Taimatatora, from the Plains Presbyterian Church

Staveley Retreat

Eighteen people from the parish travelled to Staveley Camp for a day of reflection on Saturday, November 2. Leading the day was the Rev Stephanie Robson, a Christchurch Anglican Diocesan ministry educator. The first part of the day was used to refresh our spirits and the
second part explored the ways God is working.  (Read more about the retreat in the December Stay Connected)

GOSPEL SERVICE - ‘Embracing Opportunities’
A gospel service was held on Sunday 3rd November.  the guest speaker was Reverend Jeff Cotton and guest singers included Bruce and Lange Hill, and the Hakatere Singers.

  Hakatere Presbyterian Parish welcomes Reverend Johanna Warren as     our new minister

  On Thursday 21st November, 2019 Reverend Johanna Warren was inducted into the Hakatere Presbyterian Parish as their new minister.  The service was led by Alpine Presbytery Moderator, Reverend Anne Stewart.  Reverend Alistair McNaughton, gave the sermon and Reverend Brent Richardson gave a summary of the parish journey.  Members of the Hakatere parish presented Reverend Johanna symbols of ministry and welcomed her while members of the Cook Island Christian Church sang.  We feel excited and blessed to have Reverend Johanna with us and working along side us.

Rev Anne Stewart

Reverend Barry Ayers

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